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We can help you enjoy your retirement!

senior-planning-01Congratulations! You have made it to another of life’s milestones. You are either currently retired or quickly nearing retirement. You have spent years taking care of other people and saving for the future.

You will now be making choices you have never encountered before. Your insurance needs are completely different now, but you do not need to worry. Our purpose at We Speak Medicare is to take the time to educate you so that you can make the best decisions for your changing needs.

Let Us Help

We have been advising our clients on their insurance needs since 1994. We look forward to discussing your unique situation to help design the perfect Medicare solution for you.

We offer 3 ways to connect:

  1. In-person meeting- We will go to you and meet at your home or your preferred location.
  2. Phone meeting – We can meet over the phone.
  3. Webinar – You can sign-up for a webinar and we will connect using the computer.

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